Personal Wellbeing and Ayurveda

Personal Wellbeing and Ayurveda. Ayurveda is over 3000 years old hindu system of medicine.  It is one of the last vedas of four Atharva veda. The main principle of this medicine science is an influence of herbal ingredients and breathing on the normal body system functioning.  This is one of the oldest life science that exist and practiced effectively even in this era of modern healthcare.

personal wellbeing and ayurveda

Personal Wellbeing Ayurveda in a simple words is a Personal Wellbeing Life Science. The knowledge of herbs on body tissues, mind and the tissue cells is well preserved under shastras. The effective use of which with using modern techniques and technologies has lead this science to a different level of success and effectiveness.

The effective use of this life science can help people maintain healthy life, healthy body functioning, improve memory, improve body and neuronal reflexes, body senses, high agility, improve metabolism, improve digestion and excretion, mindfulness, performance, viability and vigour. It also offers effective anti-aging and youthfulness. The aphrodisiac property of Ayurveda is universally accepted.  In edition to all the above, the science can also help to prevent carcinogenic changes and slow down cancers in early detected cases.

For years, the knowledge about the Ayurveda was lacking amongst the general population. There was  misconception that it is only effective as an aphrodisiac or digestive system diseases. Thanks to the era of internet which allowed access to the information and help to spared the awareness about the real time use of the Ayurveda as a life science. If used effectively, it can solve many problems of the modern feminine health like Pre Menstrual Stress, Premenstrual Acne, Painful Periods, Dysmenorrhoea, Excessive bleeding during periods, Cramps, Urinary Incontinence, Loss of Vigour, Vaginal Dryness, Post menopausal vaginal itching and laxity, Lack of Lubrication, Weight Gain due to high cellulites, Polycystic Cystic Ovarian Syndrome ( PCOS or PCOD), hair loss, loss of calcium and fragile bones, bust care and bust firming, excessive odour, skin problems like acne, loss of glow and youthfulness, ageing and wrinkles, skin laxity and slackness etc. The list is enormous and it helps female right from the attainment of puberty up to the old age.

In addition to all the normal and vital functioning, Ayurveda helps bot men and women for improving their personal life, sexual life and reproductive life. Without interfering with vital functions of the body, the hormonal levels and the body tissue cell structures it helps to remedies many of the problems for both men and women. This includes right from the size of the organs upto the quality of sperms, motility, vitality, odour, ovum synthesis, fertilisation and preparing the uterine cavity fo rate conceptions.

It is our effort at to educate the community and pre remedies the best of Ayurveda for commonly faced problems by both man and women. We have made the process very easy for you to counsel to our panel doctor on x and y web clinics and avail the remedies at your door step just at few clicks. 

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